Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Skinned" follow up. uugh. TRIGGER

I won't leave her there...there where I have unexpectedly found my self again.

just too much going on right now for me to write. Stressed to the point of wanting to, die.

I am in the pain loop. Unable to break free.

no day off this week. each day filled with no down time, and more stress then I want.

Been stressing daily over something that happened last month. I don't see me being able to finish the story until that is resolved next week.

Feeling very, very overwhelmed.

and little.

on the higher dose of thyroid med....went to pick up the Levoxyl refill today and it wasn't in.

The pharmacy tech tells me..."We have to have it dropped shipped, its hard to get.  I think they may be discontinuing it. You know synthroid and levothyroxine is just the same."


no they aren't.


Frightened I may be facing that hell again.

I wont make it if I have to do that again.

I won't leave her in the dark woods. I promised you. It may take me a bit but I WILL GO SAVE HER, but first I must save me.

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