Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fitting together

I wanted to share the very, very weird thing that happened when I got married.

I had everything for the kitchen except, mixer and spatulas and a butter brush. Guess what he had?

He owned VCR tapes but no VCR, and he had a tv stand.

I had a VCR, and a TV, but no stand.

I owned a computer desk and a printer, but no computer.

He had the computer but not the other things.

I owned a broom, he had a vacuum, and mop.

He was debt free with a savings, I supplied the 30,000+ debt.

The only duplicate items we owned was a Carmen CD "Passion for Praise", and the book, Chess for Dummies.

We slid together seamlessly.

Not one for those old clich├ęs but we did "complete" each other.

Monday, August 24, 2015

KJ, did you think I wouldn't notice?

Did you think I wouldn't notice when a fellow traveler fell off the life raft?

When someone hiking in the same direction as me and the others, suddenly gets eaten by a bear and there is a space left behind.

I noticed your getting sucked into the cyber black hole that consumes efriends.

The writer in me, of course will fill in the details as to why you became a greyed out ghost.

The anxiety worries and frets.

Which is strange considering the nature of our friendship. I have always contributed this phenomenon to the fact that despite not really being close to knowing cyber friends all that well, I don't forget that behind the key board there lives and breaths a real person.

Who the anxiety automatically assumes has ceased to breath. See how fast you get written off? LOL.

The writer in me though...oh she knows better.

She spins fabulous yarns, to continue your story and holds your place in the line.

Like, after winning the lottery you and your family unplugged and are hell-bent on seeing every last damn thing to see on this planet. Currently your sailing out on the high seas with the wind in your hair and the waves being your son's legs.

Like, your have been placed in the cyber relocation program and will surface later as a viral cat named Twominutes.

Or that after reading my blog for all these years you finally were driven insane and are now eating crayons in the back room.

I have that effect on people. snerk.

My blog has claimed its first victim.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Guest blogger II

Another post from the wee one. This time its her Facebook page: Creatures Of All. The illustration's are from other stories, I edited them in to this one. (She wants you to know that.)

*looks around for Static* okay this is stupid. i saw him around here for a second last night.... and where'd he go? i know he's around here somewhere.... he can't just disappear.... or can he? ... -DarkSky

HA!!!! i'm not even close to you, DarkSky. i'm over here! -Static

you got me blamed for the fire!!!! you're coming to me Static. i've got you. *makes eyes glow in sparkling light* -DarkSky

i see you DarkSky! but you don't see me... HA!! -Static

now i've got you... -DarkSky..

wait.... what??? -Static

*fires a blast at Static at close range* take that for getting me... -DarkSky

WHY ARE YOU HITTING REDSKY?????!!!!!!!!!!!! get down here right now!!!! DarkSky!!!! *narrows eyes and roars with anger* -Starlight

wait... huh????? this isn't... -DarkSky

argh!! i have fallen.... but i still can get away! -Static

who... huh???? you're not RedSky... i'm sorry as heck DarkSky... i should've believed you... -Starlight

apology accepted. now help me catch this mass island destroyer!!!! -DarkSky

yeah i guess i should fly up.... DarkStar!!!! hop on!! and we'll catch that Static... -Starlight

great now i'm being followed by two alphas... i bet i can confuse them! -Static

not on your life! -DarkStar

*roars* i'm on you, Static! *narrows eyes* you're staying here! -DarkSky

great... *dives straight to the water* -Static

*makes eyes glow* wait... he's heading for the water! *dives for Static* -DarkSky

*speeds as fast as a Star Fury can go and roars* i see him... -StarLight
*rams Static and they both fall to the water* help! -DarkSky

*scream roar* ADVANCED SALLA REPORT HERE!!!!!!! GET THOSE WINGS IN FLIGHT!!!!! SAVE THE TRUTH WORTHY FRIEND DARKSKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Scratch

i'm here! clan! save DarkSky! i help too! -Salla

*electricity sparks come out of his body* -Static

*regains consciousness and flys away* -Static

*regains consciousness and hovers in place* *growls and narrows eyes in the direction of Static* -DarkSky

lets head home. lets be glad he's gone. *dragon purr* -Starlight

guess you're right.... *unnarrows eyes* -DarkSky

(C) 8-21-15 Hannaloha State - all rights reserved.

Giving up already this year (rewind - unpublished blog from January)

I wrote this in January of this year, published it then reverted back to draft. Decided to save you from a whinny tantrum.  I am once again dealing with the unpublished blogs in the draft folder. I must either attempt to finish or delete them.

This one caught my eye.

In this summer, non-depressed head space this blog makes me laugh. The dark humor coming through easily. It also amazes me just how rich my writing can be even when I am depressed as shit.

I have another month or two before I slowly return to those depths of darkness and despair.

I made another attempt, this summer, at juggling my meds to find that magical combo that will both keep my head at bay and ease the pain. After 7 days I had to stop due to increased irritability. For seven days though....glorious pain freeness....

It may come down to that. Suffer as long as I can then a week on the nerve pain meds to give me a break, then stop them before the side effects turn deadly.

At this point I am just going to have to be happy with that.

(again this was written back in January 2015)


I made it 6 days on the Lyrica. It does dull my pain a little.

But it increases my appetite a LOT.

I would rather be in pain and under 180 pounds then, be pain free and over 180.

Hate my body.

Have always hated it. Hate it even worse now that I've aged and its fallen apart under me.  Been dealing peri-menopausal SHIT for a while now. My body hasn't had a period since October 2014.

Instead of periods I have weird ass symptoms the week my period should have been.

oh goody.

Let me tell you just HOW much I am enjoying this.


They are right when they term this the "change of life." ......its changing me into a MEAN ASS BITCH! WHO DOESNT' GIVE A SHIT.

and that's on a good day.

Never been sold on this living crap anyway...this is just another stick to the eye. 

"Your period will stop and go away as you hit menopause." that's what I've been told my whole life. UM, they forgot to mention that you also loose your mind as your hormone levels fall.

 Effects of low estrogen: " Feeling overly emotional, experiencing depression, anger and irritability, or having anxiety and social withdrawal may be present."

According to that list, I've been running on low estrogen my whole life....imagine (JUST IMAGINE) how much more chaotic this will make me.

I'm just raging today. No Lyrica to dull the pain has it through the roof today. A night of no sleep.

Muscle weakness to a point it has taken me all day to wash the dishes and start the laundry.

Done....fried crispy done. Don't even want to go to the doctors. I know she won't give me a hospice referral, or enough drugs to off my selves.

That is what I want tonight. An end to the pain.

Nope, not afraid of dying at all.

...afraid of not dying fast enough. Left here to linger in pain, long after I am done. And I am done.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Guest blogger

The heat is just doing a number on me this summer and I'm just too uncomfortable to sit and blog. So my daughter is stepping in as guest blogger today. She has a group on face book called "Calm, but Wild." This is one of her latest posts.

uh, she is eight years old.

Her writing already eclipses mine. Its amazing to watch the writer/illustrator unfold in her.

ok are you calm today or what? i am. ehem.
How To Be Calm Every Morning
1. sleep
2. get up when you body says its time
3. eat food, slowly
4. sit someplace
5. take deep breaths
6. do something fun on your computer
7. when done, go to your room.
8. rest
9. wake up and breath
and finally, number 10. you may be full of energy, so be wild! and repeat this cycle if you want!

 (ps. when you need to rest in the how to be wild thing, go calm!) -Stairlia

copy cat! you copied what i did! do it your own way, animal! -DarkStar

 How To Be Wild Every Morning
Step 1. whenever your eyes open, get up right away! or you'll never be wild like me!
2. eat your wild food for breakfast.
3. ask to go outside.
4. once outside, run around, dance, or play something that relates to nature.
5. go to a forest. (remember to ask your parents!)
6. once at forest, go tree jumping! (climb from tree to tree)
7. after that, sneak up on anyone you see! (my favorite tactic)
8. go home, if music is in your mind, or you here music.... DANCE!
9. you may get tired out, so rest a bit.
and finally, the last step, number 10. Go wild everywhere! and repeat the cycle if necessary!
so there's your how to be wild instructions. come back later!
-The Wild DarkStar

see?! you COPIED me! -DarkStar

no, i didn't. that is a common way of doing things. -Stairlia

HEY!!! its MY way of doing things! don't ever do this again! -DarkStar

oh brother.... would both of you go home?! -Me

NEVER!!!! -Both

now i am WILD! -Stairlia

well i'm always wild. -DarkStar

would both of you take this fight somewhere else?! -Calild

ok! -Both

(talking and arguing at a park nearby) -Both

(C) August 17, 2015 - Hannaloha State - All rights reserved.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gamer girl

Husband was filling out insurance forms from the new bank account. He left two of the questions blank, so I asked him who the beneficiary of the policy would be, so I could fill it in.

He replied "You of course."

I laughed, and read him the follow up question. "It wants to know what my relationship is to you."

He grins and looks at me with a sly look. "my opponent!"

As a diehard gamer girl, I find that statement very erotic. *swoon!*

 Things I find romantic, forget violin music....the sound of chess clocks being tapped, the sound of a 20 sided dice being rolled, cards being shuffled, husbands BG character dying...husband saying," want to be in my squadron?" Husband chuckling as he lobs a RPG at my location, oh the list is endless....and to think...I can play him everyday.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Alien screen savers

This is really for my sister, there are too many pictures to email, and my onsite "tech support" isn't home to zip them up for me.

For everyone else: I am still trying to buck out my latest "forest story"'s not cooperating.

So in the mean time.... here are the "ocean pictures" I took on our recent trip. Clicking on them will make them bigger. You should know by now I don't see things like normal people...all I saw this trip was alien stuff.


Stuff like blobs....

and claw monsters.

and lots and lots of ectoplasm.

It was very windy and with my rickety old body it was a constant challenge to squat down and maintain my stillness to take these macro shots. Darn near got blown over quite a few times.

Yup, there was normal beach there too.

This is my favorite shot on the whole roll. Showed the kids how to fly and off they went.  My camera has a delay so I was quite excited to be able to snap the perfect shot in mid flight.

Jelly blobs. These were dead.

We were blessed with finding a few live ones rolling along the edge of the surf.  This little one has a sunset "tail" and would stop  and change direction when ever we stepped in front of it. Cool fun to share them with the kids.

There must be quite the feeding spot beyond those waves the gulls were always out there feeding.

My camera was able to pick up the fine while sand being blown over the hole.

Driftwood and I have a long love affair. I have always see more there then others.

Lookit what pops out when you use the flash...

Alien with big eyes and a grinning mouth of lava!!
and speaking of gapping maws....

Love the detail.

Got 75 cents?


 Planet surface.

Imagine what I could do if I was to actually learn to use my camera vs. just shooting on the idiot setting all the time.

can't decide if I like flash on or off on this one.

I'll pick up my blue ribbons at the fair office.