Friday, December 30, 2016

From my archivist - Art show #2 footnote

Showing it at its completion, before the tail got punched in by an angry boyfriend of one of the farm daughters.

It's title was "Ticket to ride" and I don't have a picture of it, but speaking of kick ass signatures, on the lower right corner it's signed with a single white feather with my name hidden in the feather pattern.

Art show #8 - best of show - Thend

This one is the pinnacle of my art - it just does not get any better then this. Blue ribbon winner at the fair. The last one I completed. My art stopped here.

This version is the first one I did. I wasn't happy how it looked so did it again and that is one you see above.

 Last water colors I ever did. Just could never improve on these. and FINALLY a kick ass signature design!

One last stab at achieving that "realistic" look.

I retired my art supplies in 2000. I have only done a very, veeeeery small amount of drawing since then. I liken it to being bilingual, and then never speaking your second language again. I don't miss it. I do wonder why though.

Art show #7 - misc.

Did a series of stippled horses.

Many years spend trying to perfect my art work. I wanted to draw realistically.  Always had ....err STILL HAVE a large file of pictures clipped from magazines/books etc that I wanted to draw when I couldn't come up with an original idea.
Damn it...LOL STILL trying to recreate a drawing my older sister did, Still trying to measure up.
A drawing I did that was used on a rafting brochure.
did I say years  and years for work invested in improving my art?  this is in the late 70's range.
Most of my home work turned in has some sort of cartoon on them.
Once I stumbled on cartooning, the quest for realistic drawing faded.
My cartooning got me into trouble on occasion.
This one nearly got me fired from HIHO.  Snerk.

Note the shift is clocking in at 10:30 pm. There starting the shift in this condition, also with only six vs the seven there should be. We had a massive shift turn over and only three core people remained and with a huge flux of new people and not enough of them the night shift got worn to a nub.

The day shift had been riding our asses relentlessly, so I made this funny, gently reminder for them to cut us some slack while we were trained and got the new people up to speed. I hung it on the time clock.

Next thing I know I'm being called into the DON's office and threated with being firing.  So this is my most scandalous art work to date!

Arms/hands were a constant pain to draw.

More inappropriate work humor.  THIS TIME I learned my lesson though, I didn't post it!

Not all my art work is good, or even worth keeping.

Not all of it is finished

I did master monster hands though! HAH!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Art show #6 - lost and ancient civilizations.

These are just a small smattering of the collection of the many, many illustrations I did for my books and various stories. 

 Good o' BJ Birddrop

 The hamburger eats Paddywhack the dog. This is a special memory for me. At the time I wasn't sure my warped sense of humor would be appreciated by anyone but me.  I worked on theses during lunch break in high school.  When I was doing this panel, the Japanese exchange student was watching over my shoulder. She spoke very little English.

All of a sudden she busted up laughing and covers her mouth. When she had control she exclaimed, "Hamburger ate dog!"

Made my day!

 Rock the Shoncari.
 Waiting for sailors to drown.
 Joe Starr and Disco disaster.
 Jacy Starr
 Signed Ja Ono 1982.  One of my many attempts to come up with a kick ass alias to draw/write under.
Early 1980- series. Death/Life. Pretty deep for a 14 year old.

 Horror at time castle.
 Cracker box palace. Its a sub story line within my novel.
 Jaun Starr and Shrimp.
 A bear family story.
 Another of the Death/Life series.
 Starr Ranch.
Another of Chardra from the "Twicked Family Reunion."

...oh what the hell. Debuting publically for the first time ever...and excerpt from the story. (C) 1989 all rights reserved.

Todd stirred his around his plate as he gazed at Chardra. She was becoming more and more beautiful as the seconds ticked by. He analyzed his feelings as to why his fascination was growing..
"Chardra" he said quietly.

Only the soft up tilt of her head revealed that he know had her attention.

"I must confess, I'm obsessed with seeing your eyes."

Everyone stopped eating to watch the interaction.

"Why?" she asked, pushing her dark glasses back up her nose.

"I suppose it's like when children wonder what blind people's eyes look like behind there glasses. Wondering whether or not there all white or deformed."

"deformed" Chardra echoed mulling the word over. "Do you suppose these hypothetical 'children' ever image that there are really demon eyes behind the spectacles, hiding...and zap your soul away...or even that maybe there aren't any eyes there at all?"

Todd nodded. "It could be just that the eyes have been long so long considered the mirror of the soul, that not being able to peer deeply into another's eyes is unnerving. I can't judge whether or not you have a soul."

She smiled slowly. "Hummm. Good or evil, isn't that what you are implying. Tell me Todd do you learn to judge an abnormal person by the look of madness within there eyes?"

"from personal experience I'd say yes. Truly mentally disturbed people have a look of...of  hunger and fear in there eyes."

"Maybe" Levi interrupted with a hiss "Maybe truly mad people's eyes are empty and all we see in our own reflection mirrored within them. Our own hunger and fear is what scares us so."

There was a silence as a static electrical charge heated the air at the table, until it became dizzying and smotheringly uncomfortable.

"NAH!" exclaimed Gizzle as she scratched her head with her fork. "Pass me a slabo' rhubarb pie thar."

A nervous laughter erupted from Todd as he noticed his skin was tingling. He could no longer stop himself, he HAD to see Chardra's eyes. "Please." he said to her. "Let me judge your sanity, the depths of your soul and your demonic tendencies...let me see your eyes."

She leaned across the table. "All right. Tell me Todd what do you see when you look into my eyes?"
She lowered her glasses.

Todd's professional training momentarily kept him composed but then he jerked backwards and held himself at arms length from the table, until he could move no more.

Cradled in each of Chardra's blue iris's was an embryo.

He continued to stare with morbid curiosity.

Levi nudged him with his elbow. and broke the spell. "Gives a whole new meaning to baby blues don't it?"

 The Legend of Halobajox, which changed into "The lost stallion of Kontikidon" (below)

Always searching for the right name for my publishing company too. This one is GrendenVille Press, WA (wild area). I always knew I would have to self publish.

 oh sweet, dear Ste.
 Starr Ranch character sheets 1977.
 Jody from The Children of Starr.
 The children of Starr - the Cracker War.
Gerald Rainbow. RIP by old friend.
 Ste on Crooked Mile.
 Starr Ranch team willing the Challenge cup competition.

 Jacky Starr.

These are making me sad. Like a old woman looking back at the pictures of her children. I know there stories inside and out. If you know how to uncode them, they are my diaries from the past.

They are pieces of me trapped in paper. Places only I can go. Friend I can't share.

Lets end this on a different note.
Bamboo calligraphy.