Monday, June 24, 2013

weather forecast: 100% chance of fog

I started the generic thyroid medication on June 5th. We are now 20 day in.

I have given it a fair shake and been trying to keep a positive view of this ....cause its going to be a YEAR or more on this blasted generic before the brand name comes back. But 2 1/2 weeks in I can tell you...this is NOT going to be a very pleasant trip.

This isn't like Twinkies and merely waiting for them to make a come back. This is a vital hormone that is KEEPING ME ALIVE.

We already know from two previous trials if my labs are even slightly in/on the low end of the normal scale I get @&^@%$%^ PSYCHOTIC.

I need to call tomorrow and request that labs be drawn to see where I am. But its only been 20 days, it will not show up that soon on the lab work.

I. am. so. bleeping. tired. of. this.

Biggest mistake I have ever made in my life was undergoing the RAI. I did it to be alive longer so my children/Husband could have me around. But this isn't living, this is akin to being a zombie.

The brain fog is creeping in.

My affect is flat and dusty. I feel mentally like a paper doll.

I have some stuff I wanted to blog about...(insert frown face). I have it written down so when I am feeling better I can add it.

Yesterday marked a mile stone in my career and I really wanted to blog it. I have worked 30 years in long term care.

I can't even think of an emotion let alone write with any emotion. bummer.

but on the bright side I am well rested and unstressed and relaxed, and that is making this a wee bit easier cause all that I am fighting now is my thyroid and not all the other stuff in my life.


please stand by....our program has been interrupted by sub-clinical hypothyroidism....we will return when we find where the heck my brain has gone in all this fog.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

believe it or not!

No that's it! Sea slug at the aquarium crawling all over a starfish. this post is mostly just vacation pictures to show my sister, but I will be talking about bear balls again and you get to see my penis if you want to read along.
I love the detail my camera is capable of - I'm shooting through glass.
Sea pen - shooting through glass and 2 feet of water.

I'm a sucker for tentacles....heh.

I miss the days of when they used to let you get your hand eaten by the anemones.
Loved this dude he looked like he was armored for combat.

Gorgeous colors that day.
 Hello my blood sugar is dropping and I am crabby.

 Seal photo bomb.
Unusual amount of animation out of the boy. He usually doesn't ham it up like this for the camera.

Do DOOT. Do DOOT. swimming right over my head.

Ready for mah close up Mr Deville!

Pricklie balls.

Helping Dad set up for last round. He won his section with a perfect score of 4 points! I love to watch him play chess.
Warming up Dad with a quick game.

Playing the stringless Harp at Ripley's.
It was hysterical the kids wandered off a head of me and they encountered the animated mummy the dark. BWAAHAHAH they nearly trampled me back tracking out of there!
Fiji mermaid. And Zoltar.
I want one of these in my house. several different light patterns that mirrored your movements. Hansolo quickly discovered how to make butterflies.

So bleeping cool - we played there for a loooooooooooong time!

Me far left, see my penis? that is purse and it made a perfect swinging penis with a scrotum effect. Too funny.
Me and Hansolo - can you find JUR? that is him running across the stage behind us.

 Yup those bears balls from yesterday are fully functional. Here is his red headed cub with my red headed son.
 Pick all my fleas then fix me a samwich.

I'll join Jim down stream, let me grab a capture sack.
I loved how my camera "Precious" just did away with the cages!
A Stinkie A Stinkie, everyone loves a Stinkie!

Fat, flat albino skunk. A sweet pile of floof.

So yeah, I am ready to go back again. Prehistoric gardens is on the docket for August...will get some Jurassic photos.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Capybaras, bears balls and possums oh my!

Did I forget to tell you I live near the best petting zoo on the planet? 

Core and the bobcat kit "hey mister play ball wif me!"

 BIG arse lazy bear
 OOOOoooohh! yesh! scritche ma'chin

 "Scritchie scritchie"
 A shot just to make Penguie jealous...I'm smoozin with mah girls.

 Lazy bear
Yes those are lazy bear's ball...For some reason I thought of Blogzilly when I saw them....
Lazy bear
 Hansolo and Mudher

 so sweet
My girls
Mudher coming to say hi
My capybara face...the Zen of bara stare.
 capybara feet
 Me and my possum posse
Hansolo with a red fox kit.