Friday, April 26, 2013

Put a nickle in the meter


sighs and settled down at my desk. Kids are off at school and I can get started with my day, what to do, what to do.

Lets check my Friday dordie list I wrote last night at work.

1. Blog something fantastic.

Oh geeze.

2. Assemble lawn mower and go get gas for it and mow lawns x4.

Hmm four hours of sleep + construction of an item with whirling blades, sounds like it might be a bit much this morning.

3. Shave legs and put on a dress.

*peeks under my pant leg at my shaggy legs*

ack! (maybe I can just convince my husband to role play Rebel pilot and the naughty Wookie with me?)

End of list.

Are you kidding me? Those are my choices this morning?

There is such a disconnect between the list maker in me when I do them at home vs the list maker in me when I am out of the house.

When I am at home my Dordie lists are more in this form:

1. get up (you don't have to get dressed but you do have to put your teeth in)
2. eat pudding ( I didn't need teeth for that! darn it I could have saved myself one step.)
3. watch M*A*S*H re-runs
4. play Baulder's Gate with hubby till bed time
5. be in bed my midnight (play Rebel pilot and the naughty Wookie with hubby)

While this slave driving - gun-hoe -full if energy - maniac me that makes list while at work, writes lists like this:

1. sew a new wardrobe
2. start a business
3. write a novel
4. choose a new sport and aim for the 2020 Olympics
5. teach your kids to play the lute
6. work out 45 min on the tred mill
7. cook a fabulous dinner
8. game night with family
9. homework done and kids in bed by 8:00
10. house cleaned
11. laundry done
12. Study chess
13. play Baulder's Gate with hubby till bed time
14. be in bed my 11:00 pm (play Rebel pilot and the naughty Wookie with hubby)

I dunno, maybe my mind needs a list mediator?

Someone to broker a compromise between the two lists. Say take #7 for example...
7. cook a fabulous dinner
perhaps a compromise could be?
7. make sure there are clean cereal bowls for dinner

See that is not too hard. Lets do some more.

9. homework done and kids in bed by 8:00
a reasonable compromise could be...
9. make sure you have seen your children at least once today.

6. work out 45 min on the tred mill
a reasonable compromise could be...
6. try to spill less than 45 cheerios on the floor as you serve dinner.

14. be in bed my 11:00 pm (play Rebel pilot and the naughty Wookie with hubby)
a reasonable compromise could be...
14. send kids outside to play squirt guns - you and hubby now have 20 min to play Rebel pilot and the very naughty Wookie who washes cereal bowls naked, in the kitchen.

Hmmm. This just might be worth looking further into.

anyway I plug away on my lists each day dutifully and try to cross off at least one thing each day.

1. Blog something fantastic.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

writer within

(Finally FINALLY feeling better. The winter depression slipping quietly back to sleep as the sun warms the sky. My thyroid labs once again in compliance. My back pain eased up for the moment. So much to write about. Stay tuned.)

*turns on music*

Waits for my soul to sync up with the deep piano.

Feels the swell rise up and take my hands.

Finger to keys I unleash the writer in me.

She has rode wild horses

leaped from planes

She is nothing like me.

She can conjure up mystical worlds

She can conduct your emotions like her own personal orchestra.

Life for her has no sharp edges, everything flows in a slow undulating rhythm.

She feels her power

That is not her shadow that follows her, its her confidence overflowing

She writes to reach you

sending out comforting ripples on the page that reverberate within

wishing she had the power to heal us all

Her words silently saying with there sway

you are not alone

you are not alone

toe aches

leg extends, graceful arch.

head flip


She can make you hear the music with her words

She can make your heart beat faster and create a rhythm that your body dances too

cymbal crescendo

tears on command

writer, dancer, dream weaver, emotional vampire sucking your neck with her words

She will touch you without lifting a finger, capture you, scar you without leaving a mark

planting words in your mind and altering  your being by

unlocking her imagination and escorting you in

to frolic and play.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

home sick

Been mulling over my ability to properly parent and take care of my kids medical needs. The whole should I keep so and so home...are they really sick of faking it type dilemmas.

I just hate not being able to tell when its time to seek medical help vs wait it out for the minor stuff.

Got a reality check when I took Hansolo to the doctor recently.

I explained to the doc my fears and worry that I can't tell if there sick or not and I felt bad because my daughter woke up telling me she was sick, and had no fever or any other signs, so I sent her to school and she came home and fell asleep and when I checked her had a temp of 104.

The doc listened and then confided..."How do you think I feel, that happens to me too...and I am a trained medical professional."

We both laughed.

Parenting is tough.

For EVERYONE, not just me.