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iNSaNiTY & Justice

Crazy Or Justice?

What is the point anymore?

Is there even a reason for me to keep living?

All I am going to do is bring suspicion unless I tell them...

Or should I say the reason is because I just want to protect them all?

Well... That is the truth, regardless...

That is the reason why I’m hiding my right eye...

Why it’s always covered by my eyepatch...

Which side am I on anymore?

I can’t... Tell... Any... More....


Rurik Maeki noticed that I yelled. He rushed over and asked, “Hey! Vyviaka, are you okay?” I looked at him with a look saying “You don’t need to know”. All of our classmates started at us, just thinking how strange I am.

I noticed that I haven’t explained anything yet, have I? I am Vyviaka Saizono, a high school girl at Hope’s Peak Academy. I live in the city of Quirie. My hair goes right to my shoulders, as it is black. My right eye is covered by my eyepatch. I wear it to hide... Ah... Her... presence... My red eye also has a scar, a scratch mark on it. My left eye is blue, the sign of Justice in me. I wear Gothic black clothes. A long sleeved shirt, think black pants, a skirt, and a red bow in my hair on the right side. You can blame her for that. Who is her, you ask? Well, why don’t I tell you in a way that she would appreciate?

She is Darkness itself... She doesn’t care for anyone at all... She kills anyone she hates with a passion.... The serial killer, iNSaNiTY, kills with no mercy... You can know when she is near because she sings a certain song when she hunts her prey... (

“Everything is said and done,
Everyone has had their fun,
Time to make an exit from this fairy, tale,
My departure was forseen,
from the very beginning,
Assume life of insanity...”
“Hello, nice to meet you,
You seem familiar,
Have I met you before?
Goodbye, Sweetie,
Nice, to see you haven’t
talked, in quite a while”

The weight of the air is torture,
Don’t know who I am anymore,
The illusion of ignorance,
The weight of the air is torture,
Psychopathy, Don’t know who I am anymore,
The illusion of ignorance,
Try to stop if from corrupting...”

“I was never meant to be,
The paintings main centerpiece,
Hidden in a corner,
My outlines, are, fading,
The days have turned into night,
Darkness has consumed the light,
Assume life of insanity...”

The weight of the air is torture,
Don’t know who I am anymore,

(Lyrics by Zero. Miz-Kun , used without permission. Just borrowing it. :3)

And then it would repeat.
Now that I have explained to you that I am serial killer for some freaking reason, why don’t I explain who Rurik is? Rurik Maeki is a boy, and is also from Hope’s Peak Academy, like me. Rurik keeps pestering me about why I wear my eyepatch, because I never really gave an explanation as to why I wore it. He’s asked me why I wear it 614 times. And I always answer with, “I... Can’t tell you...” The whole reason as to why I wear it is

I am protecting everyone else, by hiding her from them....

Insanity does have a name, but she has not told a soul what it is before. Not even me, the girl she got fused with. That’s right.

We’re two2 different people...

It’s All Her Fault *Tilt*

Back at middle school, Insanity killed 37 students, without getting caught. I made a lot of friends during that time...

She killed five5 of my good friends.

Jul (Wagan) Ashica was always cheerful. She kept my spirits up. Jul’s name is spelled “Jul”, yet it is pronounced completely different. It was pretty strange to me, so I was interested as to why it was like that. She trusted me. Jul’s right eye has a star scar. She told me she got that from protecting the a guy she didn’t even know. Jul was fighting a gang of evil kids when she was in elementary school. Jul was so concerned about me. When I was about to warn her about Insanity’s next killing the night of the worst, most horrible, most awful, most disgusting, most bloody event at Opoku Middle School. I couldn’t find her in time, and when I entered the classroom where she was...

She decided to turn, right then.
She has ruined my life.

Estaca Hikokofin, “The Emo Freak of Opoku”, was indeed, emo. This time, I was the one comforting her. Estaca never showed her face. She never ran to make her hair move in the wing. She always stayed inside for recess, despite the teachers telling her to go out. Estaca didn’t care. I wanted to help her so much. The day before The Incident At Opokiu, I arranged a meeting with her. We both agreed to share our secrets after school and behind the school building that night. Fortunately, I was able to warn her about Insanity, and see her face. When I was able to see her emerald green eyes, I saw... A sparkle, like the one in my left eye, where Justice hides. And... I did... Take off my eyepatch, and showed her my scar, and Insanity’s eye. Even Estaca was afraid of her. Unlike Justice, the name I gave my eye, Insanity’s eye holds Crazy, Despair, Suffering, Pain, and the intent to kill. Estaca was able to see all these things because she was interested in occult. She was emo, after all. I remember what she told me while she was examining Insanity’s eye.

“...In your eyes, I can see that you don’t have much longer to live.”

But I still don’t understand what she meant. It’s been three3 years since I heard those words, and here I am, still alive and kicking. I just wish I could’ve asked her... What was I even thinking back then?

That should’ve been my first question! I acted as if I didn’t even hear her words...

“Don’t you remember? Your broken heart was hurting from guilt. You showed my eye without my permission... I thought that would’ve been obvious, Vivi... God, you really do embarrass me...”
“Huh? Wait... Insanity? Why are you speaking to me now?” I asked through my thoughts to her. “And also, I thought you hated my nickname?” Vivi is the nickname I let my close friends call me. I knew from the tone of Insanity’s voice that she was in a bad mood and not crazy, surprisingly. “Oh, please. I’m just here to help you clear your thoughts, Vivi. Your memory sucks, so you’re making me remember for you... And my god, am I in a bad mood for this...” It was weird hearing her not in her crazy tone. Funny, I’ve grown used to it... “Actually, you’ve said enough. Can you shut up now, please?” I asked, growing on the annoyed voice. I heard Insanity laugh. “Hahahahaha! Y-You actually thought I was in a bad mood? My god, are you stupid! Kyahahah!” There was the crazy tone again. Her evil laughter, her voice... It... Hurts... “Oh my god, m-my voice actually scares you... Ooooh I bet you hate m-my stutter, don’t y-you!” She insulted me. Of course. This is Insanity, after all. I realized something quickly, using the logic of Insanity. “You’re just trying to distract me from what I was in the middle of thinking, weren’t you? I was serious. Shut up!” Insanity stayed silent after hearing this.

“D-Do you ever learn? I-I could kill you if I wanted to... When I turn, I can make you commit suicide. But o-of course I can’t do that... Since, we are an experiments, and I am just too beautiful to die...” She said, confusing me even more.

*Static and Glitches*

Stuck In The Past

“Heeahahahhah! I-I will-”
I cut her off before I was suspicious. Rurik looked at me a little funny. “Vyviaka? Are you okay?” he asked again. Paranoid, I answered, “I-I’m fine...” And then I walked to class, forgetting that.

Back to what I was saying...

Estaca saw something in my eye that I couldn’t see. I have no idea what she saw in my eye. Of course, I told her why I wore the eyepatch. “I wear it... To protect others from her.” I knew she was going to ask if I was really Insanity, a famous serial killer. “I hate to admit it, but... Y-Yes, I am... H-H-Her... iNSaNiTY...” Estaca stepped away from me. “No wonder you’ve been hiding your eye...” I trembled. “Sh-Sh-She... Is going to turn sometime tomorrow... At some time... She’s planning a kill...” The ambiance fell silent. Neither of us knew what to say. I put my eyepatch back on, and left Estaca.

Uichi Inigami, a normal, run-of-the-mill middle school student was also one of my friends. I asked him about the other places of the world that I don’t know about. He knew so much about nature an animals. Whenever I had any questions, I would usually ask Uichi.
Wako Yasujika was a “derpy” kid. His eyes were sideways. This caused him to get bullied so much. I’m surprised he stayed alive that long in suffering. He told me that all he did was stay positive. Wako never let the actions of others destroy him. He was always so determined to keep going forward. He had his own dreams... But then Insanity ruined that for him...
It’s all... My, godforsaken fault... No, I should be blaming those evil, horrible, unforgivable, insane people for this...
But in truth, it’s actually my mother’s fault...

If only I knew who she was...

And finally, Naizoiay Kanaki was my last good friend... He’s part of the famous Kanaki Corporation. He thought he was always important than others, which made him a little “bossy”, as others described it. To me, it was more like reliable. Naizoiay wanted to be a leader someday. I remember a conversation I had with him. “Consider it a great privilege to be my so-called ‘friend’.” Naizoiay said at a lunch table with me two2 seats beside him. I was curious as to what his family was like, so I asked. “What kind of people are in your family?” I thought it was a kind of personal question after saying it aloud, but I wanted to know. Naizoiay wasn’t looking at me when he was speaking. “Hmph. Fine. I do indeed have an older sister. But she is more bossy than what they say about me. I can tell you one thing: She’s crazy.” I was surprised to hear the word “crazy” again, so I flinched. “I-Is that a secret?” I had asked him. He wasn’t hesitating to answer me. I thought that was strange. “She thinks of it as one. But hiding your true nature is just not right. Being yourself is what you should do,” Naizoiay answered, and looked at me in the blue eye, as if he knew I was hiding something. Which I was. “Anyway, now is my turn to ask a question. Why-” I cut him off. “You can ask anything that has nothing to do with my eyepatch.” There was a short pause, and then Naizoiay spoke again. “Well... I was just about to ask that. Are you interested in serial killers?” I heard the suspicion in his voice. He must’ve known why I was wearing the eyepatch. “W-Well... Who would?” I tried concluding the subject, but he just went on. “Recently, I’ve been reading about these serial killers, Genocide Jack, Sparkling Justice, iNSaNiTY, and Swear Stabber. Do you happen to know anything about them?”

This was the first time I lied about something that didn’t have to do with “why I wear an eyepatch”.


I felt confidence at the moment. I felt the cheers. I felt the determination. I felt normal. I felt...


He noticed all those feelings in my eyes. “Meet me behind the school building after dismissal.” And then he got up and left.

But then... A sudden vision clouded my eyesight.

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