Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Eating with little feet

My son and I ditched the other two sick family members and went out to Denny's yesterday.

I enjoy it when my son spends time with me. We get into deep discussions and I get to see into the mind of this amazing human.

After we order he looks around and comments, "I think this is the first time its just been me and you at Denny's alone."

I smile as wave after wave of nostalgia washes through my mind. "No." I say. "We have been to Denny's many, many times, just the two of us."

He cocked his head and gave me a quizzical look as he searched his memory.

"You would usually get under the table and drive your hot wheels. I ate quite a few meals with your little feet across from me and you laid on the seat playing. I can still recall the looks of people who would glance over and see me talking to the empty booth."

He grinned sheepily. "I kinda remember that now."

It's a really shame, he doesn't remember all the time we spent together, and all the things we did. We had so much fun. Just him and I.

Such a little light he was, as I showed him this great big world and all its wonders.

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