Thursday, April 4, 2013

home sick

Been mulling over my ability to properly parent and take care of my kids medical needs. The whole should I keep so and so home...are they really sick of faking it type dilemmas.

I just hate not being able to tell when its time to seek medical help vs wait it out for the minor stuff.

Got a reality check when I took Hansolo to the doctor recently.

I explained to the doc my fears and worry that I can't tell if there sick or not and I felt bad because my daughter woke up telling me she was sick, and had no fever or any other signs, so I sent her to school and she came home and fell asleep and when I checked her had a temp of 104.

The doc listened and then confided..."How do you think I feel, that happens to me too...and I am a trained medical professional."

We both laughed.

Parenting is tough.

For EVERYONE, not just me.

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