Sunday, July 14, 2013

One left

It occurs to me I should probably take a college class when my children return to school this fall. I have a specific one in mind. Math 101.

You see, that is the one class I am lacking to graduate.

I was on schedule to graduate the year the horse flipped over on me. I have something insane like 150 college credits. Every time they wanted to pin me down and declare a major I would squirm out of the loop by saying…”Major? Heck I am just working my way through the catalog. I’m up to the M’s now.”

Which is partly true.

I loved to learn and took what ever turned me on at the time. Once it became clear I couldn't pursue a career in nursing due to the OJI injury, I started just taking what ever. Which is why I have so many credits. LOL. I am a well educated nincompoop.

I was able to complete world history II and III and one other class after the surgery, but I couldn’t get the math to stick in my head and had to drop out.

I am ONE class short of an AA degree.

I was going to transfer to the other college by me and pursue a teaching degree. But life side tracked me and I got lost in the sea of depression and nearly drowned.

As far as I know only my fabulous older sister has a college degree. None of the other kids completed college. I should get ½ a point for being the closest.

What would that little piece of paper do for me? Well, it could keep my high school diploma company. I have a successful career without ever completing college. I have no education debt and I paid cash for all my classes.

How many of you know I flunked English 101?


What a strange curse…brilliant writer who can’t spell worth a can of beans.

Hmmm….might be fun, doing homework with the kids.

I still have my graphing calculator. Wouldn't that be a hoot! Going back to school at 47/48 years old!

I already know what would happen if I went back.

Next year at this time I would be blogging….this:

HAH! I now have 200 credits and they are still after me to declare a major! They will have to catch me and make me grow up first! I’m up to the W’s now!

PS....I am finally feeling better and back from the land-o-fog, either I am adjusting to the medication or the addition of Twinkies back in my diet as brought balance back.

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