Friday, September 13, 2013

home town pictures

Well now unless there is another picture of the maze are Riverside park with someone at the top, I get to claim "king of the mountain" for all eternity!!

All skate the all skate direction!

Boatnic parade, even with living in GP all my life I only manage to walk in it twice...err skate in it twice. Ogwie the octopus, my invention, the fastest thing on 32 wheels!

Lived here in the summer...used to HATE that 15 min rest break in the middle of the afternoon to let the "water settle." And to all those who used to call me fat, I would like to retroactively go back in time and slap the Sheet-outta-you!

Ha! holding my nose like a goober! I can still hear that sound the boards would make as you got them bouncing.

Lived on this street, you can see Beacon Hill in the background, without any rocks on it. I would like to thank the city of GP for placing those red/white stickers on the stop sign second grade before they did that I froze my tongue to this very pole licking the icy crystals off of it LOL!!

Gilbert Creek and the cub scouts! We called this bend "the fish hatchery" Behind those vines on the other shore are some caves we dug but don't tell my mother that.

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