Saturday, October 12, 2013

Momma Bear

Yesterdays blog stirred up another KSS memory.

KSS was an INCREDIBLY social child....and she befriended everyone. Even those who didn't like her, she didn't care. She would start conversations with people in the car next to us at red lights, and before it turned green would know there life story.

Now in contrast I am a social outcast, I am the weirdo who was the object of the schools bullying. No one talked to me, I was too far entrenched in my shell.

We made a funny pair.

We were in the grocery store when she was in jr high and she was a head of me and I saw her stop to talk to a man and his wife.

Her step dad and grandpa were both police officers and so she was familiar with the entire police force. I knew this man was an off duty police officer. Had seen him but had never been introduced.

I hurried up the isle and stepped in front of KSS.

"Hey!" KSS tried to wedge past me. "I know him."

"Doesn't matter." I said still staring him down. "Men shouldn't talk to young girls without their parents permission."

"P!," she grabbed my arm and repeated, "I KNOW him!"

My icy eyes still locked on his. "That's fine, but I don't know him, if he wants to talk to you he needs to talk to me first."

I hear her made a hrumph noise and fold her arms.

His eyes light up, extending his hand he smiled, "I am _______ I work with _____."

 "I'm P the nanny." I said shaking his hand. "Can I see two forms of ID?"

KSS punched me in the back.

He laughed and turned to his wife, "When we have kids this is the type of nanny we want!"

KSS shoved past to hug and chat with the wife. He stepped aside and addressed me. "I wish all kids would be guarded and protected like you just did. Thank you for being a good momma bear."

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