Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas hijinks at my house

Despite being hold up in the manger bunker, the camel, ass and one wise man bit the dust under the relentless assault from the dinosaurs.

Watch out Joseph! Tyra is flanking your position!!

Ten extra points if you can find Locutus of Borg in the above picture, 20 extra points if you spotted him right off LOL.

I'm not too worried about the gang in the manger. I think they will win this. A few years ago they successfully repelled a joint Klingon, Romulan and Borg invasion.

Though the angel there did get assimilated...

Merry creeper Christmas from my family to yours.

oh and its not my son's toys invading the manger, my daughter's been playing that game for quite a while this evening.

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