Wednesday, June 8, 2016

old eyes

Heading to an emergency eye appointment shortly, Have just enough time to stress, throw up and google lots of terrifying things. Worried I am about to become the next family member who's retina detaches. Of course its my non-conformist eye, the one that is so oddly shaped they had to special make orthopedic contact lenses for it. sigh.

Writing helps me from chugging the whole bottle of Ativan so lets get out the white board and play Dr. House shall we?

current symptoms:

dime ...sized dark shadow in vison field (up close only) NOT a floater, this one is moving with my line of vision.

contributing medical history that runs in my family: glaucoma, retina's that decide to just detach themselves.

My health issues that are significant: Have Graves disease, so thyroid eye disease could play in the mix.

most important concern: it's interfering with my surfing of the internet on my day off!!!

current hypothetical diagnosis: It's notta tumaa!

uuuggh. life ‪#‎whyyoubeingsomeantome‬?

And the results of our visit......vitreous detachment, sadly normal aging, the new spot is here to stay in my visual field. (sarcastic yippee!)

In other eyes are as old as shit. Now my junkyard of floaters has more company. I am calling the dime sized nearly circular spot Pacman and the much older floaters will be the ghosts.  So if you find me staring off into space with my eyes jerking, I am trying to get Pacman to eat the ghosts in my own personal visual version of ocular Pacman.

I go back in 6 weeks to make sure it hasn't torn the retina.

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