Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Shout out to all the spouses of healthcare workers.

I can remember talking to my new husband and telling him there would be days I would come home from work a sobbing mess. When I had to endure things beyond what my heart and soul were capable of.

That there would be days I would be caring for a resident I had grown to love, and had to watch them die an agonizing death. Deaths that even medication could not make painless. You can only watch so many people die before it erodes your heart.

One those days you need to talk.

You need to sob and be held.

You need to purge the sights and sounds from your soul to keep them from suffocating you.

I told him that on those days he just needed to hold me and listen without hearing a single word I said. Nothing was needed from him other then to just listen without hearing, to witness the fragile vulnerable soul emptying the pain from deep within.

These spouses enable all of us to keep going and not reach a point we turn off our hearts and loose the special light that makes us outstanding nurses/CNA's/caregivers.

They all deserve a high five for what they do for us.

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