Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Last night at work was a whirling chaos of endless call lights, medical emergencies, over fed fish, malfunctioning alarms, mountains of paper works, a late start on my med pass and then getting behind on the pass as I stopped to call 911.

There were unreachable goals, unforgiving deadlines, fire men, extra laundry, plus my fever and a snotty nose. Topped off with foggy glasses, and itchy face from wearing a mask the whole shift.    

...and, I loved every second of it.

Being on Prednisone has greatly improved my quality of life and significantly decreased my pain level. My work week just flew by, and I am a little disappointed that I'm out of the game for my usual days off.

Far cry from 6 weeks ago when I was fighting to get through each shift and seriously thinking I was going to have to retire and find a less physically demanding job. I'm so thankful this week for my wonderful work family, amazing residents, and that blessing of prednisone.

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