Thursday, December 28, 2017

under my bed

under my bed

Mama had said
"go clean under your bed."
Why I ask
am I being sent to do this task?
Ain't nuthin' there
'cept dirty underwear
1/2 a green twinkie
the babies binkie
a pile of rocks
a dozen socks,
a broken hot wheel
a banana peel
over due library books
wadded up comic books
a bucket of sand
a baby food jar
brother's Tonka car,
a stale PBanJ
homework that's due today
a farm animal fence
eighty-two cents,
old  cat poop
unidentified goop
the sole of my shoe
Elmers glue,
a hunk of wood
my coats hood...
why can't Mama see
it looks fine to me!

(c)  6-3-1991

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