Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fighting with my husband

"You leaving early?" The charge nurse asked me as I walked past him at the nurses station.

"Yeah" I commented as I stopped to adjust my bag, " Have to go home and finish a fight with my husband."

His brow furrowed , "what are you fighting over?"

"England." I sighed. I waited for that to sink in a bit before I continued "I'm having a hard time stopping his bombers from taking out my bunkers on the coast. We are playing Panzer-General, I'm the British, he is the Germans"

He laughed and then gave a deep sigh..."I wish my wife would play war games with me. He is a lucky husband."

Nope I'm a lucky wife. To have been asked by a beautiful man to join him as his partner. After years of loneliness to discover my equal in a soft hearted gentleman who could accept me with all my flaws and prove to be a challenging opponent for our many battles.

I love fighting with Corey. Whether it be over the board in chess or with him in my group as we slay virtual bad guys in cyberspace. Sometimes I win, sometimes I get stomped. Yet I get back up and do it all over again. I am the type of wife who waits at the window, watching for my hubby to come home so we can fight.

We have these kinds of conversations at our house:

Son: Can you get me a glass of milk?
Mama: Just a second, I am almost dead.

Daughter: Dad? you kill mama?

Mama: AAGGHH!! who sniped me??!!
Son: wasn't me! I'm shooting my sister
Dad: (muffles giggle)

With four serious gamers in the house the competitions are ruthless at times. There is always a space battle or two going on. Plenty of lost sleep as we battle into the wee hours of the morning.

I love fighting with my son too. Have to watch him though, he's a sneaky one, he can get a fleet of Borg cubes coming through the worm hole to assimilate me. He's a worthy opponent just like his dad. Hansolo no slouch either, she loves to play games too. The old nintendo 64 in her little hands a formidable weapon.

Mama: AAGGHHH! who threw me into the lava?
Hansolo: You was in my way mama!

After twelve years of marriage I gave in and let Core teach me Birth of the Federation last week. You can see his game review here. Our very first game was the four of us. My daughter wasted no time getting a ship into my space and killing my scout. Do you know humiliating it is to be wiped out by a five year old? LOL.

I am not a big fan of this game. Its too slow for me.Too much micro-management and not enough storming the castle and combat for me. I am a melee type of gal. That is why I have resisted learning it. I gave in when I saw how much fun he was having playing with our children. It made him very happy to teach me....and even more gleefully happy to bombard my planets and take my systems away from me.

So many games out there so little time. Our living room looks like a computer lab / rec room. We have no time for chit chat at our house, it either log in, deal the cards, roll the dice or draw your weapon!

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