Thursday, April 26, 2012

Round pen

Horses get lazy and cantankerous when you pull them in from the winter pasture and get them back to work. They will rebel and fight you till you get the bucks out.

My writers mind is like that.  Oh sure it was well disciplined and highly trained when I put it out to pasture twelve years ago to get married. I was actively writing and sending stuff out. I still have my first rejection notice.

I treasure it. It means more to me than if I had been published. Its proof that I am a writer. Not a good writer, but one none the less.

Hansolo my youngest is going into kindergarten this fall. I will have time to write again. Alone time.


My mind is still in the psychoticly gleeful stage of excitement over this pending break from 24/7 parenting the last oh, bazillion years. Do you realize I have been changing diapers since the 60's???

That makes me very old.

I started this blog cause KL asked me why I didn't have one. I could come up with no good reason. Surely the internet is complete without my run on sentences and bad spellings.


Okay then lets do this.



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