Friday, April 27, 2012

no babysitter

P's blog ground rules:

No posting nudie pictures.

Aaaw COMMON!! This is a whole new audience, they haven't seen my butt!

No nudie pictures, sorry woman your behind isn't cute anymore.

There is an expiration date on butt cuteness?? Well being a grown up sure sucks! grumble...fiiiiiine.

what about wardrobe malfunctions?

Are you serious? Do you need a chaperone?

Oh totally!!! LOL. I have yet to grow up. Heck I am barely house broken. I am two fig newtons away from throwing my own poop like a monkey.

I have been blessed to work for a company that allowed me to bring both my children to work with me. That was an experience like no other.  Tending to an infant and juggling my work in medical records, made for long exhausting days. The residents in the nursing home benefited too, they had a baby to play with.

I have two favorite memories.

The first one with my son. The male owner had come into medical records to talk to us.  I had swiveled my chair to face him and give him my full attention. JUR was happily having his boobie chow. As the boss talked he kept backing up and squirming his way out of the narrow small office. When he was gone my co-workers turned around bust up laughing.

At some point in the bosses talk, my son had popped off and turned his head to give the boss his full attention, leaving my giant DD industrial size nursing boob in clear view. I spent the rest of the day chuckling over wondering if HR was going to talk to me about boob harassment.

Years later it was Hansolo  the one at the bar having a drink. It was after 10 pm and I was at the nurses station doing paperwork. A resident wheeling by in his chair stopped to look over my shoulder and exclaimed: "FANTASTIC!!"

After he had gone one of the nurses piped up, "Aaaww isn't that sweet he thinks you breastfeeding is fantastic!"

I glanced up at her over my glasses. "I like to think he was commenting on my 41 year old boob." just broke the first rule of your blog.

Yeah I did...I should write others to break too.

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