Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ding fries are done....

I should be blogging.

I have a huge amount of stuff to write about.

I am making deviled eggs instead.

We are having a fancy ham dinner tonight.


cause I am supposed to be sewing.

If  I am cooking then I can't sew.

or blog.

Right now I am wondering when the growers market is going to start. We have a gentleman who grows carnivorous plants.

oh yeah! and he looks the part too, if you imagine what one would like like who grew plants that ate meat.

He is awesome!

We are going to buy one of his plants this year. I think it will help Hansolo over come her fear of flies if she has to find them so her brother can catch them and then feed them to our plant.

I have owned venus fly traps over the years....cool fun.

I probably owned the only obese fly trap on the planet when I lived on the farm.

I can't wait to see what the kids come up with for a name. Its surprisingly difficult to name a venus fly trap. It has to be the perfect blend of cool and awesome with a hint of sweaty 70's shag carpet porn star glamour.

My last ones name was Rranaaaldo. (Yes with the rolling sound built right in.)

Never failed to crack me up while doing dishes to lean over and say in a sexy accented voice "Rranaaaldo, babe...your fly is open."

Yes I talk to my plants.

This should not surprise you.

I should be sewing today, have some projects I am working on. But now I am blogging to avoid finishing the deviled eggs I started.

The title of this post? Good heavens if you have never seen this video stop what you are doing and go see it.

I can't cook a ham dinner without singing this as I cook. Yes I singing to the ham every time I open the oven to sniff/taste it.

I am a mad woman. Which is why I blog. I talk to plants, ham and the internet. This is my normal life...however eccentric it maybe.

Makes you wonder what I talked to my therapist about doesn't it?

I sang this to him...of course.

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  1. Stop it P your killing me LOL!!!!