Monday, June 17, 2013

Capybaras, bears balls and possums oh my!

Did I forget to tell you I live near the best petting zoo on the planet? 

Core and the bobcat kit "hey mister play ball wif me!"

 BIG arse lazy bear
 OOOOoooohh! yesh! scritche ma'chin

 "Scritchie scritchie"
 A shot just to make Penguie jealous...I'm smoozin with mah girls.

 Lazy bear
Yes those are lazy bear's ball...For some reason I thought of Blogzilly when I saw them....
Lazy bear
 Hansolo and Mudher

 so sweet
My girls
Mudher coming to say hi
My capybara face...the Zen of bara stare.
 capybara feet
 Me and my possum posse
Hansolo with a red fox kit.

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