Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SIV bed time story - untitled

Copyrighted 8-26-2004 - all rights reserved.

not sure why this never got a title. *shrugs shoulders* maybe typing it in will squeeze it enough to make it give up its name.

TRIGGER for talk /imagery of self inflicted violence

Once upon a time there were a bunch of little girls held captive in a tower made of broken china.

As they would go about their daily lives the sharp edges of their prison walls would cut them.

The blood would pitter patter down on the dusty floor like tears.

No one heard their they stopped crying.

hey stopped smiling cause the darkness was so thick it weighed heavily down on them.

But these "dust" children would create startling hauntingly beautiful works of art.

Paintings, writings, dances...their very souls poured into their art.

People came from miles around to greedily snatch up their work.

The girls watched from their windows, as the people oohed and aawed their creations. The girls no longer even noticed that their hands were being cut to shreds by the window sills.

Someone looked up and saw them.

"LOOK" he shouted "Look at those girls!"

many eyes turned upwards and then turned away, "such wretched creatures" he muttered Clutching the treasured artwork closer to him.

The girls watched them drive away, taking the treasures with them.

On day a woman came and she eyed up the art and asked to see the artist.

No. She was told. The artists are not beautiful or perfect they are flawed.

The woman pushed past and ran into the tower. The girls ran in fear. Who was this person coming into their prison?

She walked slowly looking at the dark stained floor.

"I see pain in here" she said softly. I see hurt in here."

I see YOU in here. " she said to the girls.

The girls backed away. "take the art and leave" they pleaded.

And so the woman did.

She loaded her car with all the beautiful precious art and drove away.

The girls watched from the the broken china tower got smaller and smaller in the distance.


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