Sunday, February 2, 2014


Told myself I couldn't blog until I completed all that obamacare crap stuff.

Well I just submitted it, now just have to wait 45 day till the government decides what size pole to sodomize me with. As you can tell I am so excited about this, I could just poop rainbows.

Because I love to be forced to give up MORE of my hard earned money to supply the bums with there daily dose of methadone and "medical marijuana."

Do you know I qualify for "medical marijuana." simply because I have surgical steel in me? I'm thinking I should go get it and sell it to pay for the (*&^%$^*!! insurance the government is forcing me to have. Now how fooked up is that?

would love to blog a nice long post today, but off to go motel camping with the family so we can watch the super bowl.

One disadvantage to having no TV is can't watch anything on TV LOL.

have bugles and soda heading out to catch the game.

Go Seahawks.

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