Saturday, August 30, 2014

Time out

I am very overwhelmed right now with everything, and must take a break till I get on top of the new schedule/routine.

I applied for a job and was hired on the spot.

I am just like that. heh. Everyone wants a P on their staff.

Going back to night shift so I am switching my thyroids meds from early am to late pm and that is kicking my arse at the moment.

Wrangling the stress and keeping it at bay is a full time job. Things will get better after things settle into a routine. Tonight is my first shift and I am excited and nervous. I don't like being the new kid on the block, I like being the one who knows all the answers.

I'm a bit disappointed because I drafted a funny blog about the "interview outfits". I may still post it though, its funny.

Off to get some sleep.


and you will like what I write when I am up waaaay past dark...hehe!

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