Monday, August 25, 2014

Tan lines

(okay one more interruption before finishing the other conversation about Knowledge I didn't want to know.)

I know for a fact that I have picked up some new readers, so the writer in me has this need to flex its muscles and show off.

I guess to showcase what an incredible writer I am or something along those lines.

It wants to write a startling brilliant, magical opus that will stand out as an award winning aria.

And then...the rest of me wants to give a demonstration of the typical stuff that can be found on my blog.

(picture removed, you missed your chance, you should keep up on your blog reading LOL)

My boobs, and insane nonsensical ramblings.


Hey, I'm just posting this picture to show off my tan lines. Its a novel side effect of not working all summer. For the first time EVER I was able to give my children my complete 100% undivided attention.

We got a pass to the local pool and we have swam every chance that presented itself. It has been glorious fun. Which resulted in these tan lines...which I find hysterical because I haven't seen tan lines on me since I was 17. Nudist like me usually don't sport tan lines. wink, wink.

Now that I have your attention, let me caution you that my blog is a rollercoaster with no functioning safety equipment. I sometimes remember to place "trigger warnings" to protect vulnerable readers, and sometimes I deliberately leave them off to hit you right between your eyes. I swing a mean 2 x 4.

Not everything I am going to post is going to be earthshattering...but make no mistake I am fully able to write on that level....Those pieces are scattered though out the stuff I write. I have the chops to toss anvils at you in one post and be talking about poop and boogers in the next.

Its up to you to read though the junk and find the diamonds. The boobs are just there to keep your heart pumping, and your attention.


  1. Hey...aren't you trying to get a job?

    Now...before anyone says anything...I don't mean anything by this...but lately I have been told by many people that I just say the wrong things at the wrong times and this is why I have a multitude of problems in my life. I am considering giving up speaking. So if I said something wrong here, I am gonna just go with a pre-emptive apology now.

    1. I am not looking for a job any longer...I got one this afternoon. I filled out a job application, this morning, had an interview at 4:30, which started with them asking, "when can you start?". I am gainfully employed again. I am who I am. A kick ass employee with a twisted sense of humor, who is all professional when I am clocked it. I do not brandish my employers name about, nor doing anything to disrespect the company. Whatever nutty personality I choose to be on line is just that.

      No apology necessary, you should speak up and call friends on things that ping your gut as wrong. Your response shows me your gyroscope is functioning and on track. I respect a friend who will say things they think I need to hear. Not many are brave enough to call me on stuff.

      Damn this sounds like a page from my life: " I just say the wrong things at the wrong times and this is why I have a multitude of problems in my life. I am considering giving up speaking"

      I spent years in silence, and repeating these two things. "DO NOT SPEAK TILL SPOKEN TOO" and "THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK." I too the queen of saying the wrong things.

      I learned we are all flawed humans. I was just going to be me and let others deal with there perceptions of me, those are their issues not mine.

      If you google my name you get links to my sexual abuse survivors and self injury message boards posts. My name is also used a 1,000 Mexican porn sites that pop up and make me look like I hang our with riffraff. I can't detach me from the internet. or make my image more seeder then it already appears on google.

      I wonder why everyone is crushing you with this BS that you are causing the multitude of problems in your life? Tell them to back off, and let you work on your own shit as you see fit with out the unsupportive bashing from the peanut gallery.

      However you DO have my full permission to rake my sanity over the coals if you ever see my posting a picture of my ass and its mole. Because 48 year old butts are just not attractive.

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