Saturday, March 14, 2015

seven tens

Had to work seven days in a row, that's seven 10 hour shifts in seven days.

Took the stuffing out of me.

I'm too dang old to pulling crazy shifts like that.

Was to train a new girl. Who quit her third shift with me, a few hours into it.

I'm still kicking. Just feeling a lot like pooooooooooooop. Three days soda free. Have to cut down my salt to help with swelling.

now why in hell do kids spend so much time wanting to be a grown up?

it sucks.

Speaking of growing up, I have to teach my eight year old how to shave her armpits. Curse these gorilla genes of mine. Little known fact about me, I had more chest hair at 15 then my brothers did at the time. So glad see the sasquatch genes haven't been diluted as the generations roll along.

Start five day work week tonight. That's five ten's. That is ten hours longer then my body can handle. Four tens in my limit.

Sigh. Don't they know I have a story to finish?

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