Tuesday, March 31, 2015

oil change

So I am decked out in my grubbiest leave-me-alone-I'm-tired-and-crabby-I-wish-I-was-invisible-today clothes and I am sitting in the customer service lounge getting the trucks oil changed.

Around me are various people in casual clothes waiting patiently for their vehicles.

In walks a lady dressed very nicely and she is the picture of "I'm here to apply for a job, I aim to kick butt and walk out of here employed."

She joins us on the chairs.

It was a fascinating look at humanity, an how we are on and off.

She was ON. All business and focus.

I and the others were OFF, casual and relaxed and out to just blend in and loaf.

She sat properly with her hands folded neatly in her lap. While I and one other were sprawled in our chairs as if we were missing large sections of our spines.

My hair may have been done this morning, but it had the whole aura of, a dog licked it, and two polydactyl cats put in the clips.

I was struck at how tiring it would be, to be ON all the time. Thankfully society doesn't command that of us 24/7.

She was called back and left us, and the rest of us faded into the back ground of offness.

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