Friday, October 30, 2015

dang it...the pipers going to be rich...

After yesterdays temper tantrum...which I akin to me being a cranky old rodeo bronc kicking up dust and barring my yellow teeth at everyone. I took a pain pill and muscle relaxer and went to bed for a nap before work.

I awoke to no pain and the headache gone. My mood instantly elevated to normal. The pain sure makes me a cranky dog.

I had the interesting experience recently to sit down for a conversation with a reader of my blog. He has known me for 15+ years, but only from a distance. This was the first time we sat face to face and had a conversation beyond the normal "hi, how are you stuff."

As our conversation eventually came upon my blog, he squirmed uncomfortably in his chair, and I got the distinct impression that the "blog me" scared the crap out of him.

Hey when I say I am talented writer I am not lying. I write the madness in my head so I don't act it out in real life.

Do I shout angrily at people in real life? No.

Have I ever shouted in anger at my husband?


In the only real argument we have ever had. (over weather or not to circumcise our son). Well I say it was an argument, but he didn't raise his voice, only I did.

I have yelled endless in my writings over the past 50 years. For me its a great outlet for venting and maintain my sanity.

So while it may sound like my cheese has slipped off my cracker, that's just the sound of madness in  my writers mind sounds like.

Yeah, it sounds like your a lunatic.

Heh, yup, but if yelling in cyberspace will keep me from hurting my selves, then I am going to keep doing it when I need to.

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