Sunday, January 31, 2016

Heart test

So had the echocardiogram on my heart today.

This is what happened prior to it.

Hospital parking leaves a lot to be desired. Arrived early and had to park in the back 40 acres and hike to the west entrance. To do this I had to walk past the North entrance.

Get to West entrance and the instructions say, walk in the big door and go to window on the immediate left.

I go in and turn. Solid wall.

After a full blow anxiety attack and endless wandering the hallways, two kind employees found me crying in the hall and escorted me to where their best guess the instructions should have taken me.

At that window they tell me, I need to go to the north entrance. I look at my watch I am now late. I take off and run allllllllllll the way back to the north entrance and get in the right line. By now my heart is beating like crazy and I want to beat my head into the wall until I draw blood. I am super stressed. Like toxic stress overloaded.

I pace trying to slow my breathing and stop from having a heart attack, while I wait to be checked into admitting.

As I am doing this it occurs to me. Perhaps this "being given the wrong directions, IS the cardiac test."

I break free of the SIV urges as I chuckle and half expect to get to the register and have her tell me, "Oh you made it! You passed the test, that will be $875."

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