Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Over qualified

This is the blog I wrote as my sister and I were polishing up my resume

I was so burned out and run down from a YEAR of fighting for my life due to the levoxyl recall and the adverse side effects that the generic levothyroxine and synthroid that my cheese had slipped off my cracker.

Its interesting to note that I was only back on the synthroid for a week. Then after reading up it came to light the first batch of levoxyl wasn't up to par and everyone was feeling like crap on it. I returned to it and upped my dose, and peace returned to my head. (well my version of peace anyway ha!)

Any way...its the last part of the blog that catches my attention:

"Right now there is a company who doesn't know it yet, but there going to put out an ad looking for a new employee, and I am going to walk in and be more then they ever expected."

I am highly respected in my line of work. It used to baffle/bother me, but I have gotten used to it, as my confidence in my self has grown.  I simply do my job and do it well.

It wasn't always that way, I was once a young goofball with no experience, and no confidence.

Seventeen and dumb as a post.

 I had the opportunity to work with a LOT of fantastic nurses, CNA's, patients, families and doctors over the years and I paid attention. My life experiences enriched me as a employee, but more importantly as a human.

A little older and wiser here, but still learning...come to think of it, I'm STILL learning even today. Knowing you are human and capable of making mistakes helps keep you humble and mortal.

Anyway.  When I made the jump to the town I lived in, no one knew me. I was a blank slate. I didn't have 31 years of people who knew me or what I was capable of.  Which was actually, nice. There was no expectations or demands of me.

I was just a face to my new employers and co-workers.

It gave me time to switch gears and get my feet under me in a new company, without the expectations that I was some supreme super employee.

I fooled everyone but the residents. They saw right through me from the start and fell in love on the spot.

But that was par for the course, because, the love and affection was mutual.

So my incognito blending in got blown. I was busily passing the morning med pass when I lifted my head to say good morning to a person walking down the hall.  I found my self face to face with an RN from my past.

Neither of said anything for a second, then we smiled, and I ducked my head and chuckled.

"So here is where you have been hiding." He smiled.

"Ssshh! don't blow my cover." I laughed.

He walked closer and whispered, "You are WAY OVER qualified to be working here!"

After a quick chitchat we both returned to our jobs.

His statement ringing in my ears and leaving my gut twitching like a dog petted the wrong way.

It was sitting with me like the statement "I'm just a CNA" used to sit with me eons ago. I have written many manifestos ranting about how "You are not JUST a CNA, you are a CNA...etc etc" Barking from my soap box in defense of my profession.

That was in the days before the internet, so you all missed out on them.

My passion on the subject hasn't faded one bit.

"You are WAY OVER qualified to be working here!"


So you are implying that the basic, basic, BASIC care of a human being is above me? That my age/experience some how rises me above caring for other humans?

It makes me want to get a stick and poke you off your high horse, and soundly thrash you with it.

We are beyond the herd mentality. We have evolved beyond taking the weak/sick/elderly/disabled out and leaving them in the woods to die. Being in a position to give a person kindness and compassion and be part of their last years of their life journey is a profound HONOR.

And I never forget that.

The pay check is a nice bonus, but the real pay is the human connections I make. There isn't time to meet all the fabulous souls in this world. So I stay put and those that need to meet me and visa versa are arranged by the (universe/heavens/pick your deity of choice) to come to where I am. And we travel the winding path of lives journey together.

Be it years, months or days.

I love my job, and I am not overqualified to do it. People who are "overqualified" for the job are the ones who think they are above being a decent human being.

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