Friday, February 5, 2016

Bring it

Someday when the mood strikes me I will finish writing The Bag Man's Ball. It details the 15 years I spent working at HH. It was a time in my life of growth and discover...One I take over and over in my dreams. I have never quite been able to shake that place.

This is one of the chapter intros.

The building was like a huge ship going on some demented cruise to ports unknown with a passenger roster that had some of the most spectacular souls that defied description. The ship steamed ahead at more knots then it should be traveling at, with no one at the helm. It didn't slow down to pick up passengers, people were tossed in as we passed. Like wise no one bothered to shout man overboard! when someone fell over board and disappeared in the dark churning waters. We were always listing, sinking and taking on water at the stern. The screeching S.O.S was the constant beeping of the never ending call lights.

My time at RG was nothing like that.  It was like a private luxury yacht with a loving staff to make your stay enjoyable.

My current job, is a quiet dignified ocean liner, a grand ship that is regal and elegant.

But I wonder is that because I am seeing it with 33 year of hard learned  "crew experience"?

What have I learned over the years? Most importantly I learned this:

Bring the shift you want to work, with you.

Yes it is that simple.

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