Thursday, May 12, 2016

Human book debriefing - talk of SIV (triggery?)

I have spent the last three days doing nothing but thinking about and talking about SIV (self inflicted violence)

It was time for the Human Library project again. I did two different places this year. And sandwiched in-between them a live interview with the local new station.

Yeah...shy old me LOL.

Ball of steel man! Balls of steel (and a little bit of Ativan)

It really is an incredible experience. I enjoy it immensely. I love helping others to understand SIV better.

Here I am boring one of my "readers"

I was approached to have a reading videoed by the local news paper. Went in to it a little unsure if the one on one book/reader experience would make that jump. 

I think it came across just fine.

This gentleman I feel got it. He treated the subject with compassion and respect. I appreciate it. There is so much need for this out there.

The adrenaline is wearing off and I want to just debrief and make sure I am grounded and safe.

Each time I have told the story verbally I have refined what I wish to share. I think next year It will be even better.

I didn't ever see me as a vocal champion for the self injure. But that day I did an presentation on it in my Abnormal psych class., way back in the 90's I have had the desire to do it again. I found teaching other on the subject very rewarding.

I learn more about SIV when I talk about it. I will get asked questions that cause me to have to dig deeper and explore it more.

There was only once when I got triggered. One reader was probing for triggering details. I was able to stand up for myself and decline. Once you ring my alarm bells, all trust with you is wiped and you have to start again.

I think I am safe.

Peace be the journey

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