Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paja on Prednisone

This is EXACTLY how I felt on prednisone.

My messed up brain and body are sensitive to medications. I can get stoned off a touching the cotton that come out the baby aspirin bottle.  Licking a tylenol does this to me...

Put me on high dose prednisone burst for 7 days and by day two of the high dose I was a freaked out mess.

I am not kidding.

While the prednisone didn't help my elbow, it DID cure what ever mysterious malady was affecting my eyes. So in some weird way it was worth it? eh?

No it wasn't, that was a hellish 6 days. Those were common side effects. COMMON side effects that almost landed me in the ER in 5 point restraints with 50 cc of Haldol in my arse. Never again!

Oh that is Bill by the of my turkies. And why yes that is a turkey net I am wearing in those pictures.

My next blog post I will be introducing you to my older sister. The woman who dressed me up in that turkey net. My sister is an intriguing blend of  Dr Evil, Dr Horrible and Elvira all rolled into one. I think the internet needs to know about her.

Here she is birthing a 20 pound butterball turkey.

(and my family considers me the crazy one?! Just sayin')

Plus if I blog nice stuff about her maybe she will leave me stuff in her will...cause right now I think all she is leaving me is.......

"and to my beloved sister P I bequeath my collection of turkey nets and 80's purple lipstick tubes, and the coconut monkey"

I wonder what turkey nets are going for on eBay?

I sold tons of Bill's feathers on eBay. I sold my childhood on eBay to pay off my truck! I have sold human bones on eBay!!!!! Bwahahahahaa! but that is another blog topic.

I will leave you with that last turkey picture. Its my favorite for all the extra elements in it....didja notice how many arms that Bill has?

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