Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Animals Playing

Here it is.

This is the first piece of my works that was ever published. It so captivated the publisher of it, that he held onto it for many years until he had the medium at his disposal to publish it.

He is my first fan. His name was Kurt Isert. A writer like myself. A neighbor boy who grew up with me. He died ~12 years ago. He never got to see or read anything of mine beyond high school. He missed reading my greatest works.

Doesn't matter. He saw the writer in me and talent there.

How I am not sure.

Circa 1976 - second grade (six years old)

Animal playing

The big dog and a cat eat cake
a little boy caught the cat
a man caught the dog.
The horse eats grass and the rat eats cheese
and the girl's cat peeped at the mouse.

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