Saturday, January 19, 2013

Growing nerdy kids.

Any Red Dwarf fans out there? 

Here is Hansolo's self portrait....That "H" on her forehead for you all who don't get the joke stands for hologram. 

We have been on a joking run of putting the Holo-H on our foreheads in real life. Its too funny to sneak in and draw it on the kids forehead while they are sleeping and they wake up to discover they have been hologrammed. bwhahahaha!!

Here is my favorite drawing from JUR's kindergarden years. (click on images to enlarge)

any guesses?

Sept 2008, and I quote:

"Mama those are an unassimilated species (yellow men on the grassy knoll) and these are Borg cubes and spheres coming to assimilate them."


All I have to say is that was one time I was glad the teachers couldn't understand his speech.

My little 6 year old Trekkie, Your drawing rocked mister!

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