Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weather forcast

As long as we are telling airport stories, this one is my favorite.

Same airport a few years later. JUR is 3 ish.

We are find a bench and sit down to wait the planes arrival.

JUR happily plays next to me with his hot wheels.

I kinda zone out and find a quiet spot in my head to just breath.

I am roused from my zenness by flecks of moisture sprinkling down on my face. I glance around.

JUR leans back and sticks out his tongue and PBBBBTTTTTTTTT's spit straight up into the air.

My eyes widen as I become acutely aware of all the other people around us, giving me that stare.

You know the one.


Yeah, That one.

I lean over side ways and hiss to him from the side of my mouth. "What are you doing?!"

He gives me his cheesy, I-cheat-in-scrabble-smile and replies, "Look mama!"  PBBBBTTTTTTTTT!!! "Its raining!"

 "Please don't do that, your getting other people wet."

He returns back to driving his car.

I look back at the disapproving eyes and stare them all down. While I stifle the laughter in my soul.

You make so many choices as a parent. Some you choose to make because they reflect your values, others because they aid your children's growth, and some you make just because of that awful peer pressure of others judging you.

I wasn't secure enough in my parenting skills to do what I really wanted and should have done in that instant.

Oh if I could go back and have a do-over.

"Look mama!"  PBBBBTTTTTTTTT!!! "Its raining!"

I would have smiled at him and tossed back my head and PBBBBTTTTTTTTTed spit into the air and then as it rained down on us I would have said to him, "You're right! it IS raining!"

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