Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gentle soul

Sometimes in life you get to meet someone that stands out in their kindness to others. Someone who's humor is a breath of fresh air, and the way they transverse life just leaves you wishing you could be more like them. Someone so humble that you feel blessed to be in their light.

And sometimes they are wearing a cat suit.

My sisters cat Puddy died yesterday. She was an exceptional soul.

I'm not just saying that. I have known a lot of cats. This one was different. She often had the most peaceful smile on her face.

You could play her like an accordion. Literally. Its one of my favorite movie clips that my sister showed me, they are "playing" her like an accordion to the music in the back ground. And Puddy is lovin' it, grinning like a fool.

 She just was an ever present part of life at my sisters. I am going to miss her little chirpy meow as she would bounce across the yard to come greet me.

Puddy's presence left this world a better place. May she ride in splendor in the night lands.

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