Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Okay fiiiiine.

This is how it is gunna roll.

After an initial improvement in symptoms, I am slowly drifting back to the edges of the thyroid brain fog/increased anxiety/irritability.

Just in time for the annual heralding aura for the onset of the SAD symptoms.


My mind is like some ancient forge of molten sludge. the ore is tainted with shadows and evil. What is burping up from my writers pail is dark. DARK.

My main goal right now is to stay on my feet and functioning until its time to re-draws labs. The longer I can hold out the better. Labs due October 1st. That's 33 days. To those asking "why not draw it now?" cause its 130$ and its only been 4 weeks since it was last drawn.

A. I don't have the money to redraw (no insurance remember?)
B. Thyroids are an evil EVIL little organs that don't give accurate lab results. Since my thyroid is a zombie (9/10th dead, 1/10th functioning) it can fluctuate on a daily basis. As in we could run my labs every day and get different results daily.
C. With my sensitivity to meds, I will not authorize dose changes until I have been on a dose 8 weeks. if being me wasn't hard enough already.

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