Monday, December 9, 2013

cabin fever

we are snowed/iced in.

The kids are home from school...this is day #4, they're a bit stir crazy.

The story will have to wait till they go back to school. I have grown to really love the quiet uninterrupted morning time to write in. Its hard to write with one ear open and trained on the kids. the stuff I hear can be distracting....

"It won't break go ahead and throw it..."

"If I can pick it up you can catch it"

"eew YOU EAT IT!"

*dead silence* then, muffled laughter.

I was a kid once, I got into plenty of mischief with my 5 brothers and 3 sisters....I know what little cabin fevered minds can dream up.

Heck I know what our everyday normal minds dream up..(incase you don't know what this a picture of..its pant's dogs. Best way to get your kids to fold laundry with you. woof)

They're 7 and Just about 12 now, but these two still need supervision, even though I have equipped them with all the necessary life skills. Imagination and a good side arm.

Opened their minds to the wonders out there...

Um, yes that is our version of the Hadron Collider, Everyone should try to open black holes/micro fractures in subspace in their backyards, great way to spend the evening.

oh summer, sunshine how I miss you....Okay may be I am bit stir crazy too. I'm not used to being house bound.

We got hit with more snow then we have seen in 15+ years on Friday. I was on my way to Target and it got so bad I had to leave my truck and go ahead on foot. Then had to walk home from target in 4-5 inches of snow.

It was wonderful, silence, snow, the squeak squeak of the snow and I stepped on it. Very relaxing walk.

A few blocks from my house I happened upon some kids having a snow ball fight with a dad and his young daughter across the street.

I stopped and made two snow balls and then continued down the street.

As I got into range I called out. "HO UP! CROSS TRAFFIC!"

The mother of the two kids called out too. "Stop guys, let her pass."

I got 1/2 way  across and called out "AMBUSH!!" and pelted the two kids with my snow balls right in their chests. Then ran away as fast I could on the snowy/icy road. Their return fire snow balls zithing around my weaving form.

I could hear their mother's hysterical laughter all the rest of the way down the block.

It made my night.

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