Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Guardian training part three

"and they all lived happily ever after."



Well I couldn't leave you hanging and I have no time to write today....I am doing the 19 page obamacare stuff....(let me tell you blogging would be more fun then reading this drivel....bleah)

We can wait for the rest of the story...don't end it like that!!

I had one simple question that I needed answered before I started filling in the forms and I spent 7 min listening to the "CoverOregon" ditties on hold before I gave up. Then an hour later they called me back. Umm that's freaky that the government is using caller ID to track us down, but I digress....

One question, simple one too, "Do I need to fill out separate 19 page form for each child?"

I was on the phone with them for 18 min before I got off....If it takes you 18 min to answer one question I have issues with your support line.

Then she wanted my name. Good heavens! don't ask me questions like that!

"P" I said

"How do you spell that?" She asked.

"It's spelled Raymond Luxury Yacht but it's pronounced 'throat- wobbler mangrove'" I say before I can stop myself  from channeling Monty Python.

You fool! they have your number!

Yeah I know, LOL. But I don't worry about the state coming and carting me off...They still think the previous 4 tenant still live at my address, they will never find me.

Welp off to the store to stock up on lube. After reading the forms I am sure I am in for a year of sodomy from the government. Bend over, while we rape you for 12 months with a required plan you can't afford and will never be able to use cause the deductible is 12,500.

Look on the bright side, its guaranteed blog fodder.

Good to know that the government is now mandating that I pay for blog fodder....


  1. well I do like happy endings :)

    1. heehee! Me too Kevin.
      Apparently the school district/weather/work doesn't want me writing today home form school due to snow. Work expected to page me. Sigh....