Saturday, December 14, 2013

well, here is the poop.

After fighting my mental health since June and the forced switch off of levoxyl, I finally reached the end of my ability to cope with the mayhem and madness in my head.

I was started on Buspirone (Buspar) on the 9th and peace has rained down within.

happy, relieved sigh.

Of course its only been six days but I will take this calm over that thyroid-mayhem any day.

So what does that mean?

it means that the end of the guardian story is going to be different.

Different headspace = different writing from me.

I write what is in my head...and right now its all sunshine and bubbles.


So if the conclusion is not satisfying I will re-write it in the future when I find myself once again on the nutty side of the toast.

I hope this medication continues to work for me, I am LOOOOOOVING this break from the 24/7 anxiety.

Kids are home sick and I have caught there coughy-crud.  I am working on the real part 3, buts have to write in small chucks. I hope by Monday night to have it posted.

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