Sunday, July 20, 2014

speaking of P, powerlines, police and firemen....

What the heck? I blog about bee's and get stung...I blogged about my adventures with power lines and now this happens? 

DUDE - you totally need to blog about money falling into your lap next!!

For sure!!

Here is my latest adventures with power lines, police and firemen. (and yes there was Pepsi involved, and puppies too this time!)

I am actually blogging this incase this case goes to court. I want to put down the info while its fresh in my mind. Then if I get called to testify as an eye witness I can just submit my blog as my testimony.

You'll do anything to increase your readership won't you?

um, maybe? heh.

Had several stops to make in my hometown Sat night. I made my daughter come along for the adventure. I listened to her gripe the whole ride over that GP "is not exciting mama."

First stop to visit my old work and see the residents I have been missing so much. While there we played with a puppy.

(I need to edit this one and crop it and enlarge it so you can see the expressions, too cute!)

We left there and then the adventure started.

Turned down Highland and was less then a block away when we heard a crash. I looked up to see a white vehicle side swipe a grey/or silver colored car and then pass it an pull in front of it on the sidewalk.

I was thinking, What kinda of a fool passes on Highland? I slowed down and pulled to the side so they wouldn't hit me.

Then it pulled in front of the other car on the sidewalk and hit the driveway dip on the sidewalk and over corrected and looked to go airborne and BOOM hit the telephone pole dead center and cut through it like it was butter.

At that moment I hit the breaks and watched the pole topple. One thought in my mind. My daughter is in the truck with me. Will I be able to get her out safely if those lines fall on us?

That's the back of my truck in the right.

This angle shows actually how close we are to the van. It was still going at quite a clip after taking out the pole, the mail boxes it hit next seemed to slow it. I was worried it was going to hit those lines and push them my truck.

Had I not slowed down initially the truck would have ended up under the pole!

The lines arced twice as the pole came to rest. I couldn't believe the amount of people who kept walking close to them. A downed line is NEVER safe.

the driver there, popped right out the mangled van and I screamed at her to watch the lines. She was bare foot to boot. She ignored me and turned to the gathering crowd by the other car she ran off the road and began screaming "STOP THAT CAR THEY STOLE MY BABY! HE STOLE MY BABY!!" Then took off down the side walk after the other car.

After assessing the lines clearly, and making sure none were on the truck, I got me and my daughter out and away from the scene.

I looked at her around this point and asked..."you still think GP is boring?" Her eyes wide, "No mama! GP is pretty exciting!"

I put all my years of Boy Scout training to use and directed traffic on my end of the accident scene until the police/fire showed up.

I got a kick out of everyone coming out to get there mail form the destroyed mail box. Powers out, there trapped in their houses till the lines are cleared, might as well read the mail. GP I just love that nothing fazed you. Also gave me plenty of examples of downed power line do's and don'ts to teach my daughter.

Heh...there is my truck Smore in the thick of things.

Since we were eye witnesses we hung around and gave an report to the police. Once that was done they allowed me to move the truck. While my daughter waited an office walked next to me as I backed it out of there.

I hope they got my name correct on the police report.

I found out later the supposable the man had asked the police to come with him as he served her with custody papers and there were 3 kids in that car. She was arrested and charged. Her kids were in the car she was trying to run off the road. She wasn't trying to gently nudge him to the side of the road, she was RUNNIN' HIS ARSE DOWN!

This morning I got a call from the local paper who tracked my number down via facebook. (an impressive feat since I don't even use my real name or sex or location or anything! That reporter should quit her job and apply as a detective with the FBI)

(Link broken now, but trust me they spelled it right)

Happy to see they spelled it right for a change!!

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  1. The gods of electricity just wanted you to know they can reach you when ever they choose!

    How fortunate no one was hurt.