Thursday, July 10, 2014

wished she could breathe

(name changed for privacy. Found this while searching for typed out things to post. Its a memorial post to a cyber friend who died. Its interesting to me the closeness that can be reached in cyberspace. The internet has widened my world in so many ways. I have meet so many special souls that I would never have met otherwise.)

 *takes off shoes*

That is custom of my people. To honor the deceased. To stand bare footed in quiet respect for those who no longer walk this journey with us. To say what ever comes to our heart.

Someday when the writing muse quickens my spirit again, I will write a story about Sarah. About a little girl who wished she could breathe...

How I will always remember her as a little girl on the swings. That's what our relationship was like.

Some times she was close...

and sometimes far away....


far away


 there were those days she needed a shove and we were all there to give her a might underdog and set her to swinging again.

 Sarah had a tremendous strength about her. Even when the swing had bucked her out and she was nursing wounds she would get behind others and give them a push. Then get back in the swing and catch up with us.

To walk years and years with her in cyberspace. To speak to her soul and not her face. To love her so much that we spoke strongly and with deep passion ...because we didn't want her to slip from us. As if our angry words would be the grappling hooks that held her here with us for one more day. Fighting for her, fighting with her.


far away...


far away...

I feel honored to have shared some 6 odd years with her. To have read her poetry, to have cried with her to have laughed with her. To have been pushed by her. To have pushed her.

and then the swing came back empty.

the little girl who wished she could breathe


I stare at the empty seat and still the wiggling chains.

I say the only thing I can to her.

Thank you for being my friend.

 I arch back and give the swing a mighty swing ....take one deep breath in salute and call out to the night

 Peace be the Journey Sarah!!!!

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