Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WTFudge??!!! MORE dangling wires!!

When I tell people I live an exciting life for someone so boring...most people don't believe me...Guess what happened today?

Yup, even MORE dangling wires.

Was minding my own business folding laundry in the back bedroom around 1:15 pm, when the house shook and it sounded like the tree toppled over and the branches scrapped the house.

I bolted outside to see what was going on, and saw a White cab, with FedEx on it pulling a long RED (that's important detail) trailer, disappearing down our street.

They had caught the old phone line that was attached to the house and yanked the puppy out by the roots.

yeah for cable internet/phone! We just switched like 2 months ago. So we don't actually need that line anymore. But I would have preferred that the phone company remove it vs FedEx. heh.

I call the owners of the line and they were here within and hour to clean up the mess.

I also tried to contact FedEx to report the accident and let them know they need to check their truck for damage.  Oh my gosh....that was an adventure in psycho-automated phone land.

The recorded voice prompt wanted a voice command. "Please tell me what you're calling about"

me, very politely: "customer service"

her: "you want to check on a package delivery date? I can help you with that."

Me: "NO!"

Her: "Please tell me what you're calling about"

Me, not so politely: "speak to a representative"

Her: "You want to schedule a pick up? I can help you with that."

Me: "NO!!"

Her: "Please tell me what you're calling about"

Me: "Felgercarb!" (yes I swear in old 70's tv slang)

Her: "Let me transfer you to a representative."

Now dealing with the autophone-bot had my dander already fluffed and ready to fight; so I took some deep breaths and politely explained I just wanted to report the incident so the driver could check his vehicle for damage, as a large piece of the connecter was missing form the end of the wire.

That was it.

They passed me around all over heck then left with a woman who wanted the description of the unit involved.

Sighing deeply, because this was turning into more trouble then I wanted to deal with, I said. "It was a white/blue cab pulling a red trailer both had FedEx on the sides."

"We don't have blue only purple."

Dander rising again. "Looked blue to me."

"We do not have any red trailers."

"Look I saw it, it was all red with FEDEX on the side."

"We do not have any red trailers.  Did it say freight or shipping on it?"

"It was hauling balls around the corner at the end of the block, white/blue cab BIG ALL RED trailer, both had FEDEX in them. That is all I saw."

"Did it say freight or shipping on it? I can't transfer you until I know this."

what part of  that is all I saw  is she not getting? I hang up on her.

I'm de-stressing this summer and I have no time for foolishness.


  1. That's what you get for trying to help out :)

    1. I known right! Wish I had her extention/ I could send her pictures of the RED trailer! The really stupid thing is the place it is out of is right in town, but you can't call them, you get routed through the main corporation #. I should have just driven down and made a report in person...would have been quicker/less aggravating.