Monday, October 20, 2014

well that deteriorated rapidly!

Holy smokes!....the last three blogs do more to demonstrate I actually do have S.A.D. (Seasonal affect disorder) and a sensitivity to medication then any thing I have seen in a while.

My mood always take a drastic turn when the weather/season change every year. This year it went from 0-60 in a heart beat. Then to counter that I took an as needed Ativan....which was from a new prescription and a different manufacture then what I have been taking...and waaa-LA! a very, very nearly fatal, bad day happened.

*Smacks forehead with my hand*

Very thankful my husband was there to take 100% control of the house/kids and keep an eye on me.

I was going to delete those entries but have decided to leave them.

I am no longer sick. I am feeling better, centered, grounded, dare I say, sane?

I also have been blessed with an extra day off this week.

After I clean the house and get all caught does a non-psycho blog post sound?

Oh? Having a guest blogger step in?

Be quiet you! LOL.

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