Tuesday, October 7, 2014

short update

Not long ago I went to water Stickrod and found his leaves turning brown. At first I thought Mr. Stickrod was dying of the illness that killed his predecessor Treesie-weesie. I was upset that our new tree was going to die even before he was a year old.

I know I am a plant killer but common!

September was such a whirl wind of chaos that most of its is gone in a stress filled Ativan haze. My work hours/schedule was a nightmare. 11:30 pm to 9:30 am in random days sometimes numbering up to 5 in a row. So my brain was not thinking properly.

So I didn't do anything rash with Stickrod.

Which was good cause once I got some sleep and things calmed down a bit, it occurred to me that.....hello....Stickrod was a deciduous tree! (i.e.: his leaves are suppose to turn brown and fall off in the winter! LOL.)

darn tree almost got a premature burial due to sleep deprivation psychosis diagnosing.

(That is his pot friend, some Chinese flower plant that looks like its trying to strangle Stickrod as it grows its tentacles, errr vines.)

The scheduling gods have given me a reprieve this week and put me on a civilized 4 on 3 off for the next two weeks.

The flu gods however have decided that a massive head cold would make the last three work nights a bit more challenging so I have been sick the last 4 days.

Since I went back to work, every morning when I walk into my house I always have the same reaction..."Oh my gosh we have been ransacked and robbed!!!

then I realize that nothing is missing, except me there to do house work. LOL

Now that civility has returned to my schedule I will be working on diving up the work between me and the family so we can get a handle on that aspect also. They have been such troopers through all of this. Hubby taking on the chore of getting the kids up and off to school alone. As well as dealing with an exhausted crabby wife who can't sleep. The kids have stepped up also and put themselves to bed on Monday nights while Dad is at chess club and I am sleeping. They are a good bunch of eggs.

For now I am enjoying the flowers on Stickrod's pot friend. They seem to only bloom for me. They are a welcome little smile every morning as I crawl home to go to bed. In the afternoon as I drag myself to go pick up the first child, they are wilted and gone.

Looking forward to health and being able to write again without the sleep deprivation side effects.

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