Monday, January 12, 2015

Death and energy dampening.

I have so much to write about.

Blog ideas flowing like a waterfall in my head.

But my energy is dampened by two recent deaths this year. I need time to recover emotionally. One death was a hard one. Gawd I hate those.

The kind where you realize that humankind is a damaged unit beyond the simple concept of compassion. We euthanize suffering animals. Yet we allow our loved ones to die in agonizing suffering. We don't all drift off to sleep and die peacefully in our sleep.

The last one was emotionally very hard. Their grown child was there with them. Beyond compassionate attentive care to the dying, I supported and offer care to the living. How do you make the worst night in someone's live, less worse?

You don't even try.

You listen and hold them and just be there for this moment in their lives.

Then go drive home bawling your eyes out.

My goal is blog each day I'm off this week and see if I can't leave some great words of wisdom or other such nonsense in cyberspace.


  1. Sent you a photo on Facebook.
    There's nothing I can put in this little box. But I'll sit with you, cry with you.. Be yours sister and be with you...xo

    1. If you have never read "Light sister, Dark sister" by Jane Yolen, you must drop everything and do so. If you can't find a copy, send me your address and I will send you my copy. (Oh and I am the dark sister to your light.)

  2. I've been questioning the whole concept of blogging of late. Maybe what you have to say will give me some answers instead of more questions. Maybe. It's all on you. ;)

    I hate slow deaths as well, I have watched several noble, dignified people go in such agonizing, undignified ways, and often have seen those pleading to have it end. And yet, my last pet had it so much more pleasant easy and happy.

    Sometimes I just don't understand human behavior...Surrender is a perfectly acceptable alternative in extreme circumstances! The Empire may be gracious enough to...zzztttt...

    1. I would miss your blogging terribly if you stopped. It's not just your words that interest me. It's your journey. Your blogs are like post cards along that journey. Snapshots of your soul. Reminders that in the dark there are other things then monsters. There are good kind people who stumble around lost.

    2. That's very kind of you. Your blog called 'answer me' was compelling. Super compelling. I have thought of little else since reading it last night. Some parts of it do not apply to me obviously, but some questions you asked of yourself I had to ask of myself, and I keep chewing on the answers. And chewing and chewing.