Friday, January 2, 2015

Star Wars 2015, please give it back to us J.J. Abrams

Dear Mr. Abrams,

After seeing how you handled the Star Trek re-boot, I must say how impressed I am with your ability to capture and give us the pure magic of the show.

I am eagerly awaiting your re-boot of Star Wars.

So much so that any plans I may have to off myself this year will be rebuffed within by simply saying "Dec 15th." Yes, that is how much I am anticipating the re-boot. My motivation to remain alive this year, is because I want to see your work.

Star Wars captured me many many years ago, as it did all of my generation. Its the only film I have seen in the theater over 10 times. That doesn't count that I have seen it on tape and DVD +75 times.

As a writer, I understand that once my work  is published it no longer belongs to me. Its is written and given to my readers, and it becomes theirs. I think Mr. Lucas didn't take that into consideration. His pre-quells and tampering with the original version of IV, V and VI, were an intrusion into the story he gave us. He muddied the magic and slapped a dull coat of CGI paint over the masterpiece he originally painted.

When Mr. Lucas made Star Wars, it was pre-CGI and all the fun stuff. He was forced to tell us the story in a different way. That is what made it so good. Once he had CGI....the story died and the effects overwhelmed the story telling.

Episodes I II and III would have been so much better without CGI. He would have focused and told us a better story.

He ruined it by adding in the Midichlorians. My gawd George...we didn't need that crap. You had us at hello.

We all bought and embraced the explanation that Obi-Wan gave Luke in 1977. "It's an energy field created by all living things, that surrounds and penetrates living beings and binds the galaxy together."

Boom. Done end of story. Please J.J., take note of that...we don't want any Midichlorians in your work.

Oh and you do know we are all using the force the get you to release this movie the second its done, There is no need to wait till the official release date. If you want to spring it on us in September, go for it.

I hope the theaters just clear their plans to show anything but your movie on all their screens. Cause the world is waiting for you to give us back Star Wars.

So have in your hands the hopes and dreams of so many people who love the story and eagerly await to see if you will be returning to us the original magic of it.

We are easy to please, just tell us, "I've got a bad feeling about this..." and then kill Jar Jar in a glorious hail of lens flairs.

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  1. If there is one character I hated sooooo much it was jar jar. Looking forward to the re-boot!