Monday, April 6, 2015

grocery list of my life

1. Almost done with the final version of "Tear in your hand" that I started and then didn't finish.  Looking forward to getting that posted in a day or two.

2. Restarted the Neurontin a few days ago and 1/2 the dose. Hoping it will help and not cause issues this time.

3. Have a co-worker who hates my guts. Interestingly we have only every had to work face to face 3 times in 8 months. Not sure why she hates me. I am so used to people hating me its not a big deal, just usually they have a reason LOL. Someone suggested maybe she is jealous?  HA! yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh....there is so much there to be jealous of, toothless-old-crippled-woman-with multiple psych diagnoses and chronically pained.....there so many people just lusting after those characteristics.

4. Going to be a human book next month! excited about that, get to do some SIV educating face to face.


  1. Wondering if that is tear like when I put a screwdriver through my palm or tear as in how I usually have wet ones dripping into my hands Avery day because I'm a weak pussy of late.

    Oh yeah...Hi!

    1. Very nice observation Ken...and not to spoil the story but its both, and I am impressed you picked that up. I've been wrestling with the story because I wanted it to go "right" and it has insisted in going "left" and taking me to a different place then the one I started out trekking too.

      I have cried a disturbingly lot LESS since going on the Buspar. I'm not sure why that is. It an antianxiety med. I wonder then was the crying not from my depression but from my PTSD/ G.A.D??

      oh and Hi back!

  2. Avery being every. Fucking iPad fucking sausage fingers fucking shit vision.

    1. one of these days I MUST just push publish on one of my blogs without correcting all the spelling/grammatical issues. There hysterical...and now that my hands have gotten worse sometimes I look back and have to translate the whole text from "fumble-finger-in-ese" to English before I can spell check it...LOL.