Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Peace in the valley

As day one without the Neurontin rolled out, the irritableness faded. By 4 pm I was like HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanity returned.

Well at least MY version of sanity, heh.

Today I woke to find that the nerve pain was back to full force. Guess I would rather fight that then my self.

Sadly I realized the cause of the med failure. I was NOT on buspar when I was last on Neurontin.

There must be some interaction between the two even at a dose so low the pharmacist said "THIS WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVE, IT'S A NOTHING DOSE."

Welcome to the missing link show Mr. Pharmacist. I am so sensitive to meds that if you wave a Tylenol over my head its effective for treating my head ache.

I feel SOOOOOOO much better.

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